Together Systems is a 501c3 non-profit organization organized for the sole purpose of identifying ways to unite individuals and build economic justice programs.

Primary Research:

Together Systems identifies and test strategies to increase economic equality in under-resourced communities. We conduct primary research and market testing of potential cooperative launch and growth strategies relevant building a more just economy.

The Path To Success Is A Unified One. 

Businesses Funding

Due to historical discrimination, African Americans are severely disadvantaged and lack equal access to business funding. This element is being upheld by credit reporting agencies and often disguised as capitalism. Therefore we growth hacking easily accessible ways of finding funding outside of the traditional vetting process.

Remove Bad Elements

Foreigners enter our communities and extract large amount of profits without considering reinvesting into the communities they serve. Our model is designed to remove and replace these bad elements with community owned and managed cooperatives and businesses.

Profits To Community Money

Our Community Owned development model convert high margin businesses opportunities , which are owned and operated by foreign elements to community owned assets. Thereby using all business profits to fund much need community programs such as improved education and crime prevention.


The average person about $4,000 per year (insurance) on health care, $20,000 on home cost, $8,000 on food and$5,000 on transportation. These cost consume between 50%-70%. We are dedicated to ensuring that profits from these expenses are reinvested in our communities.

The Essential Systems Needed To Rebuild Our Communities

These are the essential systems that are needed to ensure a steady flow of income into our community development programs. These key businesses keeps a large portion of money within the community.