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Justice Fund Road To 50,000 Members

Unite The Black Dollar

For as little as $20 a month, you can help rebuild failing minority communities. Real changes in cooperative economic happen because of your monthly donations.

Invest In Black Communities

We are the only organization truly working on a black independent economy. We are disenfranchised from the current system and therefore looking to build out own.

Solve Our Own Issues

Cooperative economics is at the forefront of our organization. We are combining the financial power of Americans and fighting back against the unjust economic practices.

Solve Our Own Issues

Cooperative economics is at the forefront of our organization. We are combining the financial power of Americans and fighting back against the unjust economic practices.

Member Benefits

Together Systems provides tremendous value to black-owned businesses through business development opportunities, marketing exposure to businesses and consumers, representation in the regional and national black owned business support communities, funding and resources for black  business growth and operation, and advocacy for civil rights and business-friendly public policy. As a member you will be offered opportunities to take a serious role in changing the black community.

All Members receive:

  • Access to  committee roles
  • Invite To Annual Change-makers Conference*
  • Legislative Rights*
  • Voting Rights*
  • Opportunity To Join Worker Coops
  • Expedited investment review access
  • Membership decal to display at your business
  • Complimentary subscription to quarterly digital resources
  • Member-to-member discounts*
  • Exclusive Webinars
  • New Member Recognition in e-newsletter
  • and more

*donating members

Frequently Ask Questions

Where does donations go?

All membership dues are used for activies associated with increasing entreprenuership in African-American communities.

Are investment happening now?

Before we are able to invest in any community we must have stable, long term funding. This is why we lean heavily on memberships instead of short term grants.  We are currently building a stable membership base before we select and fund our first “Primary Investment” projects.

How long before investing starts?

Once we reach 5000 subscribing member, we will start the launch process of the first Community-Owned Grocery store in Chicago, Chakula Markets

What are membership requirement?

All team members are required to time or money to the mission. We suggest a minimal of $20 a month commitment but also highly value time resources. In order to have voting rights about the use of funds, each voting member must have donated to the fund.

Will TS invest in my business?

Eventually? TS has a strict investment system that we are following. We identified key areas which need investments; then we will begin to invest in worker-owned cooperatives. If you are an owner of a worker-owned co-op in an industry on our secondary list, we are interested in speaking with you.

Are team-members paid?

No. Only full -time staff members will be paid.

Where will investments happen?

Our beta-model and investments are happening in Chicago Illinois. Once beta-stagees are complete and successfully, we will open chapters all over the United States.

How do I join the team?

Just complete the form above to get started.

Team Duties & Committees

We are the only organization combining the purchasing power and resources of African American to fight for economic equality and mitigating side effects of historical discrimination's. This is essential to our future growth as a nation and culture.

Minority Focused




100% Community Development


Upcoming Opportunities To Have A Impact

Fundraising Committee

This committee manages all fundraising efforts such as grants and corporate sponsorships.

Membership Committee

This committee manages all aspects of increasing team members and membership communications.

Outreach Committee

This committee manages everything surrounding community events, programs and outreach efforts.

Planning Committee

This committee manages the planning and legal aspects of building community-owned businesses.

Marketing Committee

This committee is in-charge of designing and planning marketing communications.

Advertising Committee

This committee manages the distribution of marketing material, online and offline.

Investment Committee

This committee contributes to the final investment decision making process .

Orientation Committee

This committee manages the on-boarding process of new members to ensure member engagement.