The Together Systems Shea Project

Ghana Shea Butter Entrepreneurship Project.

Shea butter production communities in Wa, Ghana are the poorest communities in the entirety of Ghana. Many women may less than $100/USD a year in the Shea Business. These women are exploited and undervalued for their hard work. Together Systems seek to change this dynamic by training and introducing Shea butter brands to the west to improve their lives.

Career Building

Shea Nuts are the source is many products. Unfortunately, Shea nut are only used to produce raw shea butter. We seek to train women on secondary exportable products such as soap bases, food grade Shea,  Shea oils, etc.


Raw, Organic, Unrefined:

Only raw, unrefined shea butter is rich in skin healthy vitamin and mineral. Most shea butter products use refined shea butter which has had all the vitamins and mineral removed.

Women Empowerment:

Wild shea by direct from women producers and women producer cooperatives. Ensuring as many dollars flow back to the villages as possible. This revenue is then used for community improvement projects.


Economic-Centric Policy

We are ethically managed, meaning we have zero stakeholders and all profits received is reinvested into economic development activities. We use a economics forward process. Thus ensuring that the locals have path out of poverty and can survive without the need of non-profit support.

The Circular Economy

Women Empowerment

Harvesting and processing shea butter is dangerous, sometimes women die from snake bites and often they break bones from climbing trees to harvest shea nuts. Many do not use protective clothing like gloves or boots. Although they do the work, they reap little benefit. By supporting Wild Shea, you are directly assisting women because we are 501c3 owned and reinvest all profits in the communities who who need it most. Connecting the users of shea butter in the U.S to the producer of shea butter in Ghana.

Village Made Shea Soap Production

Moisturizing Soap made with raw shea Butter

Unlike Castile Soap, shea butter soap using nutrition shea oil as a base instead of the unhealthy and environmentally dangerously palm oil or olive oil. Shea butter is made of roughly 45% olectic fatty acids and 40% stearic acid. Olive oil 80-90% olectic acid with 2 % stearics acid.
Steaic acid is what cleans the skins, olectic acid is what moisturize the skin. Shea butter does an much better job at cleaning while also moisturizing and protecting the skin. The Work Shea Soap Production in villages doesn't meet international export standard, we are not only facilitating Soap Exports but we will also be providing education, production assistance and machinery and tools to assist villagers in producing internationally exportable soap base.

Grade A, Unrefined,

Raw Shea Butter

The #1 source of income for our village women in the northern region of Ghana is shea butter production. The women work for weeks harvesting shea nuts, dry, roasting, extracting and producing Shea butter. In return they receive little pay and assistance. Our goal is to increase the use of passive machinery and tools in order to increase production capacity. Also, we seek to train Shea butter producer in international packing standards, the English language and value added products to provide them with direct access to the market.


About The Wild Shea Project

Wild Shea is wholly owned by Together Systems, a 501c3 non-profit organization working with women Shea butter and oil cooperatives in Ghana. We source all ingredients are source from Ghana under fair trade practices and packaged in Ghana under the highest healthy standards and care.

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