Chakula Markets

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Chakula Market is a first Black-Owned Supermarket in Chicago Illinois. This market will be a consumer-owned cooperative owned and operate by its community members and for it community members. The purpose of this market is to provide under-resourced communities with affordable, high-quality grocery options and utilize 100% of the profits to reinvest in the community it serves.

The Importance Of Chakula Markets
Chakula Market is strategically positioned to prevent economic leakage from African-American communities. Although we will plan on carrying a wide variety of items, the primary focus is on commonly use and requested product by the African-American community. The secondary priority is the healthy but affordable options to often purchased items. The 3rd priority is affordability, affordability is critical because, when we spend less on food we can spend more on becoming financially independent.

The Location

Chakula Market won't be in a single location but will be strategically located in multiple locations across Chicago to cater to the different needs of African American Communities in Chicago. The goal is to replace many of the grocery providers in African American communities across the Chicago-land area with providers that are dedicated to reinvesting in the communities they serve.

Proposed Locations
- South Shore
-Great Chatham
-Hyde Park

The Profits
We must retain a portion of the surplus/profits for emergency and expansion purposes; then all remaining surpluses are allocated to support cooperative entrepreneurship activities in Chicago African American Community. Members submit suggestions on which projects align with our mission and project plan.