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100% Of Profits Go Back To Our Community

For as little as $20 a month, you can help rebuild failing minority communities. Real changes in black economic happens because of your small investment.

Fight For Black Independence

We are the only organization truly working on a black independent economy. We are disenfranchised from the current system and therefore looking to build out own.

Help Build the Black Economy

Black Economics is at the forefront of our organization. We are combining the 1.2 trillion dollar purchasing power of African Americans and utilizing it to support business that support us and our communities.

Join The Mighty 5ooo

The mighty 5000, is the first 5000 members of Together Systems. A special commemorative item will be mail this these members.

Chakula Markets Information

Chakula Markets is a primary investment in the Together Systems African American Community development model. This supermarket is unique because it is operated for the sole purpose of re-building African- American communities. Unlike other cooperatives, where the business is owned and operated to maximize benefits for its consumers. Chakula Markets is purely operated to fund African American community development programs. Such as providing funding to African American entrepreneurs, incubating African-American businesses while removing systematically removing business from African-American communities who are a source of economic and social problems.

A Better Supermarket Model  

Food expenditures account for over 30 percent of Americans monthly budget. This is why food business and suppliers are some of the wealthiest companies in the world. The average supermarket brings in $250,000 in revenue per day. 10% is the average profit after all expenses and liabilities are paid. This is $25,000 per day, per store that can be captured and injected into African-American communities. This is our plan with Chakula Markets.

Market Uniqueness

  • Delivery-Focused Supermarket

As a deliver focused grocery store, we are able to compete on a wide scale beyond a 10-mile radius.

  • Adapting Automation

Contrary to popular belief, jobs don’t build wealth, (especially grocery store jobs), although investments build wealth. Therefore we will focus on increasing profits then using those profits to assisting and funding African Americans business ownership.

  • Minimal Debt Rule

The average grocery store has a significant amount of debt, From real estate to business loans. Because we aren’t funded by banks or loans, we are able to return more money back to the community we are organized to serve.

Frequently Ask Questions

What do I receive for my donation?

All membership dues are used for activities associated with increasing entrepreneurship in African-American communities.  Your donation will help new African-American owned businesses open.

When will the market open?

Before we are able to open Chakula Markets, we must have stable, long-term funding. We are currently growing our membership base of at least 500 owner-members and the markets are expected to start opening  1st quarter of 2019.

Can I make a one-time donation?

Yes, although we hope that you can make monthly donations. One-time donations help a lot with startup cost but monthly donations will allow us to open and expand faster.

How much is Chakula Markets expected to return to the community?

We are expecting to return 100% of profits after considering working-capital needs.

What industries will Chakula Market profits be invested in?

Chakula Markets profits will go direct to removing economically leakages from African-American communities by replacing existing successful business with African-American ones. What and where we invest will vary from community to community but our main focuses are listed here.

Where is Chakula Markets Located?

We are located in Chicago, Illinois

Will investments happen all over the United States?

Will investments happen all over the United States?

Why Join US ?

We are the only organization combining the purchasing power of African Americans to fight for our African American economic equality. This is essential to our future growth as a nation and culture.

Minority Focused


Minority Managed


100% Community Development