Made With African Cold-Pressed, Organic Neem Seed Oil For Mange

Instructions on How to use Mange-Away to cure Pet Mange.

  • Massage the neem oil based ointment into the mange affected skin. Repeat daily until mange disappears.

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Safe For Pet and Treats Mites and Mange

Neem oil is extracted from the seeds and bark of the neem tree, which is native to India. It’s used as a natural insecticide, pesticide, skin treatment, and more for dogs.

Dog owners often chose it as an alternative to medications that repel fleas and ticks, as it’s not toxic for dogs, and the nasty taste makes dogs less likely to lick it off of their fur. It has many beneficial properties that boost dogs’ overall health, and it’s very potent.

One of the most common uses of neem oil for dogs is as a pesticide and insect repellent. It is effective against mosquitoes, mites, internal parasites, fleas, and many kinds of ticks. Although, it does not protect against brown dog ticks or tapeworms.

Many flea and tick medicines that you’d pick up from a veterinarian contain chemicals and drugs that are potentially harmful for dogs, especially if dogs ingest the medication by licking it off of their fur. Neem oil is not toxic, and it has a bitter, nasty taste that tends to prevent dogs from trying to lick it off.

Neem oil can also be applied to relieve itchiness due to food allergies, insect bites, some kinds ofmange, dry spots, and chaffing. It can treat fungal infections, ringworm, and atopic dermatitis, and it tends to work quickly. Dog owners report that alopecia due to severe itching generally clears up within a week.

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