Guaranteed To Treat The Most Stubborn Scabies.


Instructions on How to use neem oil to cure Scabies.

  • Apply mite-away to affected regions. Ensure that mite-away  mixture has full contact  with the affected skin. Repeat daily until signs of scabies disappear.

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Real Testimonials From Real People

Amazing. It truly worked and took 2 days to clear up but I used it for several days as a precaution. I will be a repeat customer.

Barbara / Purchased On Etsy
This product worked immediately recommended by my Dr for my son… noticed a difference within 2 day 4 uses.
Vicky / Purchased On Amazon
Andy Guscott / Purchased On Etsy
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Kills Scabies & Eggs at all stages

Cold-pressed Neem Oil works by killing scabies at all stages of development.  Studies have shown that 100% of scaies are usually eradicated after the 48 hours.

Cold-Pressed Neem oil contain the natural ingredient azadirachtin that is highly toxic to mite, lice and their eggs.

  • Even Treats Nowegian Crusted Scabies
  • Kills Scabies Eggs
  • Immediate Itch Relief
Click To Buy Our Scabies Treatment
Click To Buy Our Scabies Treatment

Treats Norwegian Crusted Scabies too!