Together Systems

Investment, Research and Training Cooperative.

Current Systems

Investment capital is difficult to obtain for individuals who doesn’t come for a background of stable financial growth. This unequally effects African Americans due to historically setbacks. Currently, credit measurement and asset-backed loans are use legal for-profit processes such ask credit rating, work history, address, assets protections to uphold historical discriminatory pratices.

Our Systems

In order for African American to get ahead, a financial institution cannot be operated purely for-profit and much be operated for the benefit of the community they serve. This community financial resource must make investments in the community they serves with an understanding that the profits potential is lower then more well-off communities but the social impact if higher then other communities.

Community Fund

The community fund is a donor-advised fund, funded purely by parties interested in African-American community development. Many our our members contribute a small but consistant monthly donation. This fund is used strictly for Development Of Locally-Owned  Cooperative in African-American dominated community.

Investment Capital

Primary Investments: Consumer Cooperatives


It is extremely important we capture profits from retail stores. This includes clothing industries.


Cinemas, nightlife,theatres and other entertainment frequented by local community members.


Worker Coops that will prevent economic leakage via the healthcare industry and capture marketshare. These includes, home health care, medical centers, CNA services, etc


Home repair, construction, electrical, marketing and design can add a significant value to our community and has the ability to prevent significant leakages from our community.


Worker Cooperative focused on preventing economic leakages via educational services. Such as daycares, schools and tutoring.

Food (Out Of Home)

Investment in worker coops focusing on preventing economic leakages from via out of home food spending.

Secondary Investments: Worker Cooperatives

Secondary Investments are meant to further remove foreign bodies from our communities (Plugging The Leaks) and replace them with locally-owned worker cooperatives. This includes retail and entertainment industries.

The Goal

The goals of secondary investments are to build sustainable worker-owned cooperatives and prevent money from leaving our communities.  After this has been accomplished, we will begin to focus on increasing investment into our communities.

The Importance Of Expansion

Tertirary Investments are meant to provide injections into the communities it served. This means the top focus of tertiary investment is to cater to  other communities spending habits and leverage these  profits to solve our community problems.

The Goal

The goals of secondary investments are to build worker-owned cooperative that has the ability to scale their services beyond our communties in an economically viable model.

Tertiary Investments: Expansion

Housing Expansion

Investing in housing and development into other communities will allow us to capture more capture market share and increasing long term funding of community programs.

Utility Expansion

The goal is to expand the utility and energy division to other communities and utilize these profits to solve A.A community issues.

Food Expansion

Expanding of our food businesses are key. This is because food is a top expenditure of the American consumer and a significant source of economic drain.