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An Economic Framework To Rebuild Our Communities.

Chinatown Public Library, Chicago| 06/06/2018|5:00PM-7:00PM

More Infomation About The Framework.

The Minority communities are suffering from a myriad of issues that cannot be solved with a single project. Therefore I introduce a frame that addresses a significant portion of the problems unique under-resourced communities. Almost all issues that exist in under-resourced cities in the United States exist in every under-resourced community around the world. Therefore, there are systematic issues that need to be solved systematically. This framework addresses social issues from an economics viewpoint and provides a list of steps and processes that should be directed by organizations working together to build economically stronger communities.

Topics Of Discussion

Why the government won't help

We will discuss why traditional economics and political views will never solve the issues that exist within our community.

Plugging Economic Leakages

We discuss the top 3 reasons why money is leaving our communities and how we must plug these leaks

Cooperative Economics Framework

We will discuss how the cooperative framework has been used to lift communities out of poverty and how this framework can help our community.

Banks, Financing and Loans

The essential need for an independent & autonomous system to finance our own business and community programming

Hacking The Food System

We discuss a framework to restore a healthy but furthermore, economically-sustainable food distribution systems.

Our School System

A dive into the solution and root problems surrounding poor education and funding available to our public schools.

Our Home Problem

We discuss why the current system of home ownership is detrimental to our communities and a the framework for community-centric home-ownership.

Our Health-Care Issue

We discuss a framework to ensure our communities stop unhealthy consumption practices and receive the care we need without high insurance premiums.