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Rebuilding Black Businesses

Together Systems (Formerly Magnify Coworking)  is a 501C3  not for profit organization dedicated to improving black economics and increasing black owned businesses via cooperation in America. We are based in Chicago, Illinois and using Chicago, Illinois to develop sustainable models that will be implemented in communities across the U.S.

What We Do

  • We provide grants and loans to targeted groups or individuals working in for profit profit worker or consumer cooperatives in high need areas. This is important because banks are relutant to fund businesses in low income areas and multi-national companies  pillage low income areas.
  • We provide training to African American majority founding teams looking to build cooperative businesses in low-income areas.

Non-Discriminatory Capital

We have created a uniqued system of qualification that allows our cooperative businesses to receive funding without regards to historical setbacks or credit scores.

We Provide Research

We make it easier for black business to launch by conducting industry specific research and providing these results to cooperatives in our network.

We Provide Training

Many our of Cooperative Founders have little to no business experience, we connect them to proper mentors and provide the training needed to be success in the workplace.