Razor Bump & Razor Burn After-Shave Moisturizer For Bikini Line & Pubic Area.

Instructions on How to use Aftercut after-shave ointment.

  • Apply ointment to shaven area after shaving. Apply daily for maximum effectiveness.
  • All-Natural and Zero Alcohol
  • Moisturizing
  • Highly Effective

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All profits are used to support Together Systems non-profit goals.

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A Smooth & Itch Free Labia

Our formulae works by battle the inflammatory response after shaving.  Studies have shown that our product severely reduces bikini line irritation in most and eliminate it entirely in some.

In addition. our formula sooths the after-shave itching common after shaving and therefore prevents further irritation by shaving.

  • Instant Itch Relief
  • Delete Razor Bumps
  • Stops Redness
  • Beautifies
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