Aftercut Full Shave Kit


Our proprietary 4 product shave systems addresses shaving irritation from all possible angles. Our products are designed by people who once struggled with razor bumps & razor burns and overcame it.


  • Shaving Cream: A smooth,shaving cream. Designed for people who experience shave irritation from dull razors or imperfect shaving techniques. 4 oz
  • Shaving Wash: African liquid black soap, designed to not only disinfect and clean your skin but prep your skin to receive a shave. 4 oz
  • Aftershave: A moisturizing aftershave lotion designed for people who experience itching, bumps and shave irritation after shaving. 2 oz
  • Exfoliating Brush: Natural bristle exfoliating brush to be used daily in areas that experience shave irritation.

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